Quick Fuel Brawler Race Series Carburetors BR-67301

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650 CFM - These Quick Fuel Brawler Race Series carburetors are machined and assembled by skilled craftsman at Quick Fuel. They work hard, just as their name implies--just raw, bare-knuckled performance that you can rely on. Brawler performance development started with a high-flowing die-cast aluminum main body and added purple billet aluminum metering blocks with the latest technology in air/fuel calibrations for today's race engine demands. The carburetors also include purple billet aluminum throttle base plates for superior durability and throttle shaft stability. Quick Fuel Brawler Race Series carburetors offer all of the options and tunability that you would find from more expensive carburetors in the market, including changeable idle and high-speed air bleeds, as well as four-corner idle adjustment on all mechanical secondary models