AF64-2186 - -4AN Water Cross-Over Adapter - Silver Suit Holden/Chev LS Series

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Aeroflow now offer -4AN water cross-over adapter?s and allow coolant to be pulled away from hot spots in your cylinder heads to suit LS1, LS6, LS2, LS7, LM7, LQ9 engines. These great little adapters are available in black or silver anodised and come complete with O-ring and mounting bolt ready to install and are sold separately. Aeroflow water cross over adapters are especially needed for turbocharged or supercharged street driven / endurance applications and allow many ways to plumb a simple cross-over line or header tank to allowing the engine to run more efficient while allowing the coolant system to hold more coolant. Installing these water cross-over adapters in all 4 corners of the engine have been proven to decrease detonation in number 7 & 8 cylinders especially and are a great improvement over the standard steam vent plumbing.